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    The following Professions, Trades and Businesses are covered by these books. The books cover INDIVIDUAL firms and the individual offices of firms, this means that there is a separate book for each of the firms (and offices) within each of the professions and trades mentioned below. The figures include firms, branches and offices.


Credit intermediation & related activities

52211_L Commercial banking
52212_L Savings institutions
52213_L Credit unions
52219_L Depository credit intermediation
52221_L Credit card issuing
52222_L Sales financing
52229_L Nondepository credit intermediation Miscellaneous
52231_L Mortgage & nonmortgage loan brokers
52239_L Activities related to credit intermediation Miscellaneous

Securities, commodities, investments & related activities

52311_L Investment banking & securities dealing
52312_L Securities brokerage
52391_L Miscellaneous intermediation
52393_L Investment advice
52399_L Miscellaneous other financial investment activities

Insurance & related activities

52411_L Direct life, health & medical insurance carriers
52412_L Direct insurance carriers Miscellaneous
52413_L Reinsurance carriers
52421_L Insurance agencies & brokerages
52429_L Insurance related activities Miscellaneous

Real estate

53111_L Lessors of residential buildings & dwellings
53112_L Lessors of nonresidential buildings
53113_L Lessors of miniwarehouses & self-storage units
53119_L Lessors of other real estate property
53121_L Offices of real estate agents & brokers
53131_L Real estate property managers
53132_L Offices of real estate appraisers
53139_L Activities related to real estate Miscellaneous

Rental & leasing services

53211_L Passenger car rental & leasing
53212_L Truck, utility trailer & RV rental & leasing
53221_L Consumer electronics & appliances rental
53223_L Video tape & disc rental
53229_L Consumer goods rental Miscellaneous
53231_L General rental centers
53241_L Construction, transportation, mining & forestry machinery rental
53242_L Office machinery & equipment rental & leasing
53249_L Commercial / industrial machinery & equipment rental Miscellaneous

Professional, scientific & technical services

54111_L Offices of lawyers
54119_L Legal services Miscellaneous
54121_L Accounting, tax preparation, bookkeeping & payroll services
54131_L Architectural services
54132_L Landscape architectural services
54133_L Engineering services
54134_L Drafting services
54135_L Building inspection services
54136_L Geophysical surveying & mapping services
54137_L Surveying & mapping services
54138_L Testing laboratories
54141_L Interior design services
54142_L Industrial design services
54143_L Graphic design services
54149_L Specialized design services Miscellaneous
54151_L Computer systems design & related services
54161_L Management consulting services
54162_L Environmental consulting services
54169_L Scientific & technical consulting services Miscellaneous
54171_L Research & development physical, engineering & life sciences
54172_L Research & development in social sciences & humanities
54181_L Advertising agencies
54182_L Public relations agencies
54183_L Media buying services
54184_L Media representatives
54185_L Display advertising
54186_L Direct mail advertising
54187_L Advertising material distribution services
54189_L Services related to advertising Miscellaneous
54191_L Marketing research & public opinion polling
54192_L Photographic services
54193_L Translation & interpretation services
54194_L Veterinary services
54199_L All other professional, scientific & technical services

Administrative & support services

56111_L Office administrative services
56121_L Facilities support services
56131_L Employment placement agencies
56132_L Temporary help services
56133_L Professional employer organizations
56141_L Document preparation services
56142_L Telephone call centers
56143_L Business service centers
56144_L Collection agencies
56145_L Credit bureaus
56149_L Business support services Miscellaneous
56151_L Travel agencies
56152_L Tour operators
56159_L Travel arrangement & reservation services Miscellaneous
56161_L Investigation, guard & armored car services
56162_L Security systems services
56171_L Exterminating & pest control services
56172_L Janitorial services
56173_L Landscaping services
56174_L Carpet & upholstery cleaning services
56179_L Services to buildings & dwellings Miscellaneous
56191_L Packaging & labeling services
56192_L Convention & trade show organizers
56199_L All other support services

Educational services

61141_L Business & secretarial schools
61142_L Computer training
61143_L Professional & management development training
61151_L Technical & trade schools
61163_L Language schools
61169_L All other schools & instruction
61171_L Educational support services

Ambulatory health care services

62111_L Offices of physicians
62121_L Offices of dentists
62131_L Offices of chiropractors
62132_L Offices of optometrists
62133_L Offices of mental health practitioners
62134_L Offices of physical, occupational & speech therapists
62139_L Offices of all other health practitioners
62142_L Outpatient mental health & substance abuse centers
62149_L Outpatient care centers Miscellaneous
62151_L Medical & diagnostic laboratories
62161_L Home health care services
62191_L Ambulance services
62199_L All other ambulatory health care services


62211_L General medical & surgical hospitals
62221_L Psychiatric & substance abuse hospitals
62231_L Specialty hospitals

Nursing & residential care facilities

62311_L Nursing care facilities
62321_L Residential mental retardation facilities
62322_L Residential mental health & substance abuse facilities
62331_L Community care facilities for the elderly
62399_L Residential care facilities Miscellaneous

Social assistance

62412_L Services for the elderly & persons with disabilities
62441_L Child day care services


72111_L Hotels & motels
72119_L Traveler accommodation Miscellaneous
72131_L Rooming & boarding houses

Food services & drinking places

72211_L Full-service restaurants
72221_L Limited-service eating places
72231_L Food service contractors
72232_L Caterers
72233_L Mobile food services
72241_L Drinking places

Repair & maintenance

81111_L Automotive mechanical & electrical repair & maintenance
81112_L Automotive body, paint, interior & glass repair
81119_L Automotive repair & maintenance Miscellaneous
81121_L Electronic & precision equipment repair & maintenance
81131_L Commercial & industrial machinery & equipment repair & maintenance
81141_L Home & garden equipment & appliance repair & maintenance
81143_L Footwear & leather goods repair
81149_L Personal & household goods maintenance Miscellaneous

Personal & laundry services

81211_L Hair, nail & skin care services
81219_L Personal care services Miscellaneous
81221_L Funeral homes & funeral services
81231_L Coin-operated laundries & drycleaners
81232_L Drycleaning & laundry services
81233_L Linen & uniform supply
81291_L Pet care services
81299_L All other personal services


The following notes and reviews are provided for the help and assistance of potential readers of the books described herein. These reviews do not form part of any contract nor are they made for any other reason except as an informal discussion of certain points.

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